Instant question on instant articles

Just in case you did a instant-article-deal and forgot to think this through: Here’s a quick check list.

  1. Who are my most valuable customers?
  2. Are my digital publications growing this audience?
  3. What are competitors doing differently that are doing this better?
  4. How do I expect Facebook to help me with this?
  5. How am I monetizing the attention these humans give my digital publications?
  6. When I regard my digital publications as platforms and freelancers as suppliers: How am I negotiating and what can I learn from this dynamic for my relationship with bigger platforms?
  7. How do I brace myself for a Zynga- or Social-Reader-scenario?
  8. What is my KPI set for this instant article thing?
  9. Besides possible short-term profits for my publications, what are possible effects on media as a whole?